Lisa Rieger


Jens Viertel


Chris Diefenbach


Clemens Birkenmaier

Bass Guitar

HYDRA - a band as multi-faceted as its many headed namesake - is the new symphonic metal formation from Regensburg, Bayern (in Germany).

Whirlwind Times

Hydra was formed by Chris Diefenbach and Lisa Rieger in October 2013. The first ten songs, which primarily fall into the category of melodic metal, took shape within a matter of months. One thing was clear to both Lisa and Chris: this was song material with potential that simply had to be released. Both of the Regensburg musicians are old hands in the scene: Chris was a live guitarist for the band Burden on their 2011 Germany tour (to name one example) and Lisa has also seen many different corners of Germany with her former symphonic metal band and other musical projects.

Beneath Malachite Green Skies

The songs on the debut 'Malachite Skies' are characterised by deliberate contrasts: raw metal meets soft, orchestral arrangements evocative of fairy tales and enchanting melodies. In contrast to the majority of bands in the genre the focus is not a classically trained voice. Instead, Lisa integrates her lighter, ethereal soprano into the musical tapestry, giving the band its characteristic catchy melodies.
Thematically, 'Malachite Skies' betakes itself to diverse realms. The band moves between historical content such as the life of Cleopatra and the psychological context of the Milgram experiment, and even ventures into the realm of fantasy to visit the Palace of Tears. Added to this, the lyrics deliberately leave the listener the freedom to interpret and immerse themselves in the music in their own way.
'Malachite Skies', which was released on the 20th of February 2015 also contains guest performances of LIV KRISTINE (Ex-Leaves' Eyes) and MARIA RAUM. Their voices can be heard on the songs CCC (Swath of Destruction) and Lone Wolf.

Raring to go

In the first half of 2015 HYDRA already played many shows in Germany, the UK and Czech Republic. More shows in Germany, France, Belgium, Austria , the Netherlands and the UK followed in autumn and the first half of 2016. 'Malachite Skies' was well received by the crowd.

Stories from the 'Solar Empire'

In the end of 2016 HYDRA is about to release their second full length album 'Solar Empire'. Compared to the debut CD 'Solar Empire' could be described as heavier, faster and more symphonic. All in all, you can clearly hear the development of the band in the last three years.
Besides more versatility of Lisa vocal-wise, there are as well great guest singers on this release. On 'Solar Empire' ZUBEROA  AZNAREZ (Diabulus in Musica) and HENNING BASSE (Firewind, Mayan), as well as JULE DAHS, a rock singer from Cologne in Germany, can be heard. Moreover, HYDRA is accompanied by a big, classical choir on this release. The LAURENTIUS SINGERS agreed to do choir passages for the whole record and the classical choir is definitely an element which is distinctive for the band's current sound.
'Solar Empire' is the band's first concept album. The 11 songs tell a story about a loving couple. The female protagonist 'Lanya' is living in a world called 'Lunar', while the male protagonist 'Am'ran' is an inhabitant on 'Solys'. They fell in love already when meeting for the first time. Aware of the fact, that their love is not tolerated, they had no other choice but to follow their hearts. 'Solar Empire' tells the story of a forbidden relationship, of clashes, supression and sorrow. The story, which is called 'Solar Empire – Scent of the Wolves' (and 'Sonnenkönigreich – Die Fährte der Wölfin' in german) is available in form of a 30-page booklet. You can order the 'Special Edition' of 'Solar Empire', which contains the Digipack CD as well as the booklet with the concept story (in german or english language).